Visual identity re-design for Milk Crate Theatre a nonprofit theatre using performing arts to change the story of homelessness. They provide creative opportunities for participants to build confidence, skills and social connections to help them make positive changes in their lives. Design solution consists of: visual identity mark, paper collateral, social media content as well as the creation of touch-points in the form of show entry ticket design as well as a milk crate stool in which can be distributed to local cafe’s in the area as a means of promotion.
Touch Point - Show Tickets
Print tickets not only act as promotional material, but also add to the overall theatre experience as keepsakes for patrons.
Touch Point - Milk Crate Stool
Re-modified milk crate stools featuring new visual identity will be distributed to local cafes who are willing to support the organisation
social media - Engaging New Audiences
Proposal of a social media strategy to look to engaging with a younger audience.
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